Friday, May 11, 2018

Dog Man and Cat Kid, by Dav Pilkey

Staff review by Chris Saliba

The brilliant, funny, quirky fourth book in the Dog Man series.

Once upon a time, when a police man and his dog were caught in an explosion, it looked like it was curtains for both. But then a nurse had a great idea. Why not attach the man’s body to the dog’s head? And so was born Dog Man, crime fighting super hero. Dog Man has made some great friends, such as Zuzu, the world’s greatest poodle, but unfortunately he has one terrible enemy: Petey, the world’s evilest cat. Petey has tried to clone himself, to double his evil powers, but botched the job and produced a super cute little kitten called Li’L Petey.

Can Petey turn sweet Li’L Petey to a life of crime, or will his cute little clone find that he can be good and not evil? In this latest book in the hugely successful Dog Man series, there are huge robots, adventures galore and a laugh on every page. The delightful Li’L Petey mesmerises with his adorable innocence, made all the funnier when contrasted against his evil “Papa”. Parents will find much to appreciate in this novel length cartoon story, with its clever mix of advanced vocabulary and kid’s speech, sure to stretch reading skills.

7 + years old

Dog Man and Cat Kid, by Dav Pilkey. Published by Scholastic. ISBN: 9780545935180  RRP: $15.99

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