Saturday, March 28, 2015

Windsor's Way, by Tony Windsor

Staff Review by Chris Saliba

Tony Windsor gives readers some of his political insights, collected over his 22 year career.

“I strongly believe the world is run by those who turn up”, writes Tony Windsor in this memoir which covers his 22 years as an MP at state and federal levels. Windsor came to national prominence when he threw his support behind the formation of a minority Labor government, led by Julia Gillard.

Windsor’s Way is instructive and insightful on many counts. He demonstrates for the ordinary citizen how the nuts and bolts of political decision-making works, outside of the confected  argy-bargy of the two party system.

Large parts of the book are devoted to the Gillard Government. Windsor discusses the achievements of the 43rd parliament without seeming defensive, a trap of many political memoirs. There are striking portraits of key players such as Tony Abbott, Bob Katter, Barnaby Joyce, Rob Oakeshott and Julia Gillard.

For those wanting to understand our current political malaise, Tony Windsor offers a calm, no-nonsense perspective. He calls for more of us to become involved in our own governance, “not just leave it to the political brands - the parties.” Windsor’s Way can be read as both a political memoir devoid of party ideology and a common sense guide to getting the best democratic outcomes.

Windsor's Way, by Tony Windsor. Published by Melbourne University Press. ISBN: 9780522866629 RRP: $32.99

This review was first published in Books + Publishing magazine.  

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