Monday, September 22, 2014

Winston Was Worried, by Pamela Duncan Edwards. Illustrated by Benji Davies

Staff Review by Chris Saliba

Winston is very worried about a sore paw, but his self-absorption stops him from seeing important events unfolding around him. An hilarious picture book that teaches kids not to worry too much over small things.

Winston is a bit of a precious pooch. He's feeling rather sorry for himself because he's afflicted with a sore paw - he has a splinter and needs to see the vet. As he makes his way to the vet he meets several of his dog pals. They ask him playfully if he'd like to participate in some typical dog adventures, but Winston always answers no, he can't because he's got a splinter in his paw. "I'm so unfortunate. Everything always happens to me," is his constant refrain.

So self absorbed is Winston in his misery he keeps missing the terrible (yet hilarious) misadventures that keep befalling his friends. If he was more attentive, rather than worrying about himself, Winston perhaps could have helped some of his friends out.

This is a terrifically funny picture book that teaches us not to 'sweat the small stuff'. Benji Davies' illustrations of urban, inner city life are wonderfully captivating and full of inventive details that pay out extra laughs with repeated readings. There's always something new you pick up (McSqueaky's mouse restaurant was my favourite touch.)

Pamela Duncan Edwards' text keeps the story chugging along at a nice pace. She gives Winston's tale of woe perfect comic timing and sets up a succession of hilarious scenarios that never lose their energy.

Winston Was Worried, by Pamela Duncan Edwards. Illustrated by Benji Davies. Published by Macmillan. ISBN: 9781405089821 RRP: 14.99

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