Thursday, July 17, 2014

Little Answer, by Tim Hopgood

Staff Review by Chris Saliba

Little Answer is a tiny blue character with only one answer to all questions: Sausages! Can he find the right question though?

Little Answer is a little blue character in Tim Hopgood’s latest picture book. He has the answer to something, but can’t quite figure out what. He’s also lost. When Little Answer meets a friendly snail, he offers to help Little Answer.  They journey along and meet other animals – an elephant, a lady bird, a butterfly, an owl and a rabbit. All the animals have questions to ask Little Answer, many of them very big questions, such as “What makes the world go round” and “What makes the wind blow”. Yet Little Answer knows only one answer to all these big questions: “Sausages!”

Poor Little Answer, he seems doomed to be forever at a loss. Then he meets a little girl named Daisy and she asks a question for which Little Answer indeed does have the right answer.  At last he had found his question and all is well.

Little Answer is a sweet and funny story about a youngster who is trying to find his way in the world. That’s presuming Little Answer is a ‘he’, as the story doesn’t specify the character’s gender. In fact he looks like a little wingless bird. The book is illustrated with all of Tim Hopgood’s typically bright and cheery drawings and comes with a back page of actual answers to some of the questions Little Answer is asked.  A picture book to make both adults and children laugh.

Little Answer, by Tim Hopgood. Published by Corgi Children. ISBN:  9780552567787 RRP: $16.99

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